Tuesday, 19 January 2016


No, its not a spelling error in the title !We have intentionally started spelling certain dairyfree versions in this way , keeping in mind international trends and as well as government regulations

!Back to the Recipe now.


1 cup almonds
4 and ½ cup water
Water for soaking almonds
Nut mylk bag/ muslin cloth

1. Soak the almonds for minimum of 6 hours to maximum of overnight .
2.Drain away the water.Wash the almonds.
3.Peel the almonds, if not using organic almonds.
4. Blend them with 4 and ½ cup of water(this amount of water can vary between 4 and 5 cups, depending upon for whom is the mylk intended.We recommend high proportion of water for toddlers and small children )
5.Strain the mixture through the nut mylk bag.
6.The clear white liquid obtained is the mylk , while the almond meal left in the bag may be mixed in the flour to be kneaded for chapattis, etc.
* While beginning on the journey of almond mylk, we recommend start with small quantities in one go, gradually increasing their size as per your own body’s calling .


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