Tuesday, 19 January 2016



250 ml soy mylk
a)Few drops of lemon juice / b)1/4th sachet of probiotic/c) 4-5 stems with crowns of green chillies(not the fresh chillies , but their crown and stem ): either one of these starters
1 tsp. of arrowroot powder


1.Warm the mylk
2.Take out a tablespoon of mylk and make arrowroot powder’s paste with it .
3.Add the arrowroot powder’s paste into the warm mylk .
4.Add the starter of your choice
5. Cover the container and keep it in a warm corner of the kitchen for overnight.
*If you do not get it right in one go, don’t give up .Instead call us.We shall be happy to do the required handholding for you !


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